What is the purpose of an IEP?

IEP’s are developed by school based teams, alongside parents and any of their chosen representatives, with the purpose of meeting the unique needs of a qualifying student with a disability in accordance with IDEA 2004 Reauthorized. 

Every student in the United States is entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education. For students with qualifying disabilities and when there is a need for specialized instruction in the educational environment. 

IEP’s must be individualized to meet the unique needs of the student so that they can gain meaningful educational benefit in light of their circumstances. General Education Interventions have not been successful, so there is a need to do something different. 

In order for IEP goals to be met, a student’s IEP must delineate the supports and services the student requires to access their curriculum. Supports and services can include accommodations, modifications, assistive technology, behavioral supports, specialized instruction in one or more areas and much more.