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Krista Barth

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Discover the root cause of what is holding your child back and learn how to become their Parent IEP Advocate

Clarify Your Goals

Identify the problems your child is experiencing in the school system and determine all possible goals

Identify Obstacles

Know why either services are not being included in the IEP and identify the hurdles that may come up

Plan Action Strategy

Come up with a well thought out strategy before the IEP meeting

Improve Your Life

Get the services that your child desperately needs to become successful in school and in life

Krista Barth
Krista Barth, Veteran IEP Advocate & Founder of My Online IEP Advocate

I go by many titles – IEP Advocate, Special Needs Advocate or Educational Consultant.  They all mean that I am here to help your child achieve their full potential, both academically and behaviorally.  My background is:


My Online Advocate


We have rebranded and repositioned ourselves as the leading IEP Advocacy and 504 Plan Advocacy Educational Hub, Community and Online Resource Library for Parents and other dedicated professionals looking to make an impact on behalf of a child and on education as a whole. Our #1 mission is to increase access to tactical and strategic IEP advocacy practices that are effective in getting students to get what they need to succeed and teams to say YES. We want to make a difference in education. One student at a time and one school at a time, we can change the future of education  and make it truly individualized and worthwhile for all students. Our philosophy is rooted in the principle that ALL STUDENTS can learn and that Universal Design for Learning should be the standard in ALL classrooms. 

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